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Our vision is a world where eco-sustainable facilities will intuitively respond

to human wishes

The Core of our Business

We integrate every required electrical, mechanical and electronic system and component of a building such as lighting, shading, cooling and heating systems, ventilation, smart meters, and secure data networks into a single, easily managed system from a central control point, while personalizing and automating their functions in the optimum way that meets both our clients' demands as well as the universal need for sustainability.

  • 16 years of experience

  • Incorporation of state of the arts solutions based on the constant development of our knowledge about future trends, training and certification of our skills and participation to the biggest global exhibitions of the industry.

  • Proven track record of numerous successful projects and repeat customers

  • Expert integrators of building automation for the Hospitality Industry that is characterized by its multiple and distinguished demands, scopes and applications.

  • Reliable and competent after-sales technical support

Why Core Automation?




Years of Experience


Automation Devices



Technical Support

Our experienced and certified personnel are available 24/7 and reachable via our dedicated Customer Service Desk to provide immediate response. Read more

If you are a registered customer, please use the following button to access our support portal.

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