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Immersive technology will play a strategic role in the construction sector in the near future. In essence, we can say that today’s technologies are already capable of supporting the development of powerful systems that will interact with all professions.

A high-performance building is one that enables its end users to be more effective; it’s the right building for their needs, a building usable, buildable, safe, operable and sustainable. It is composed of highly integrated systems, which are designed to work together, complement each other and enable many people from disparate disciplines and trades to work together, collaborate, and exchange information.


Integrated information, which supports simulation and visualization, and easy access to that information are intensively used to create a transparent process, in which all members of the team understand the work at all times. Given the enormous volume of incumbent data, every company will be obliged to equip itself with hardware and software architectures capable of ensuring optimal management as well as cyber security. Meaningful metrics, not simply data collected, must be used to track both how well team is performing and how closely the building conforms to the goals and values of the owners.

Having all these trends in mind and considering the long life-cycle buildings can have, Core Automation approaches its solutions holistically. We use the most advanced technological tools, organize data collected to facilitate everyday work and collaboration of virtual teams, visualize dashboards to accelerate feedback cycles and enable management teams to apply innovative and secure methods and practices.

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