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  • Light Scenes

  • Central & Individual Control

  • Presence Dependent Control

  • Presence Simulation

  • Light Diagnostics

  • Distant Control

  • Constant Light Control

  • Logic Control Functions

Smart Lighting


Comfort & Security

Everybody knows the significant role of light for the human well-being. Different light levels affect the way we rest, work and communicate. That is why automation in lighting control is a fundamental part of building intelligence. Intuitive response of the light levels and their sources orchestrates comfort and mood, minimizes human effort, saves time and critically enhances security.


Cutting-edge lighting and dimming solutions especially when combined with a Building Management System will have an impressive effect on energy savings. Logic control functions, based on specified environmental conditions, human presence, routines or any other preset factors optimize energy consumption spontaneously with precision.

Core Automation’s expertise is crucial since listening and analyzing the needs in every different building is at the heart of every custom-made solution we orchestrate to maximize benefits.

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