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Integrating Building Intelligence to residencies is synonymous to adding value. Smart houses are easily operated in everyday life, ensure comfort and security for their inhabitants, dramatically compress energy costs and environmental impact. Investing in smart houses directly improves Return On Investment (ROI) and guarantees the residence’s flexibility and future compliance to changing conditions, regulations and needs.

Core Automation offers its full range of services during the building’s life-cycle phases:

  • Survey carefully the needs, set the targets and objectives, consult the client for optimization of benefits and future expandability and flexibility.

  • Design the systems ensuring budget and aesthetics meet the customers’ demands. Endless materials, devices and applications from a wide range of manufacturers can be employed to realize a tailor-made solution.

  • During construction, Core Automation collaborates with all the project stakeholders such as developers, architects, engineers or electricians to provide a seamless execution, attend that the original needs are still met and always deliver within precise deadlines.

  • Final Hand Over is the stage where our client confirms that the residence delivers exactly as intended and our team makes sure that the end-users know how to operate it.

  • Post Construction commitment. According to clients’ needs Core Automation will support further improvements or amendments, provide any maintenance needed, monitor the performance or expand its solutions.

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