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  • Central & Individual Control

  • Presence Detection

  • Preset Scenarios

  • Systems diagnostics

  • Remote Control

  • Adjustable Range of Human Intervention

  • Interoperability with Automation Systems of Lighting, Sun Protection and Access Control

Climate Control


Energy - Saving

Climate Control refers to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning which constitute one of the biggest operational expenses both for residencies and commercial buildings. Building Intelligence can minimize these costs by utilizing different kinds of sensors, actuators, presence detectors, thermostats and algorithms to ensure the optimum operation for energy saving and a greener planet as well. 

As per the European Standard EN 15232 a building's assignment to the efficiency Class A can only be achieved with a high energy performance Building Automation and Control System (BACS) combined with Technical Building Management (TBM).

Efficiency & Well-Being

As with all other automation solutions, we can program and implement different scenarios according to time schedules, weather conditions or occasions and set acceptable levels for temperature, humidity and CO2 thus minimizing human intervention and facilitating optimum operation instantly. Precious data is being recorded backstage and is used to monitor and allocate consumption and to further adjust settings if needed. Air quality measurements, which is a top health priority especially in big commercial buildings or special purpose venues such as hospitals, can also be logged, accessed and analyzed to prevent problems and improve the quality of indoor living.


Core Automation combines the most technologically advanced equipment and software together with its deep understanding of the multiple factors that must be considered to provide the most tailor made, green solutions to its customers.

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